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sauce1977 wrote in nhl_fans
1. Well well well. What a difference a playoffs makes!

Who did we expect to advance in the playoffs? New York was the only one. If you expected the Kings or Coyotes in the conference final, then you're a homer for one of those teams. The usual suspects, Vancouver, Chicago, Detroit, and San Jose, all got unceremonious takedowns in round one. The sentiment among puckheads was that the Western was unwatchable, but Los Angeles is holding serve. It clearly remains a niche sport for interest, but overall, if the NHL was worried about market size, LA/PHX beats Vancouver or Nashville, and things worked out okay in the Eastern with the Rangers clearing an early test from Ottawa.

2. On ratings ...

I really don't have any idea how to calculate ratings for NHL. I would expect that the 1.21 million viewers only counts American households. In Canada, this is the NFL. And what of markets overseas, like Russia? Surely this game plays elsewhere. Tools like Box Office Mojo are important to understand the film industry's take. They recognize ticket sales from abroad, and it's all inclusive. I think in a global market, well, it's time that TV ratings, especially for sporting events, were treated the same.

3. Jonathan Quick.

I don't think anyone can ignore Jonathan Quick anymore. He has a catchy last name, yes, but what was more catchy was his sub-2 GAA in the regular season, followed by a most impressive post-season performance, to date. The guy is next-gen awesome. When Brodeur hangs it up, we have more outstanding goaltending to look forward to ... and Quick should be one of those guys that you would tune in to see.


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